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My name is Kirstie and I’m 25 years old. I started using and drinking around age 10. I maintained good grades, so no one ever suspected my real life. I dropped out when I was 16 and got into the “harder” drugs. Aside from living minute to minute, my life didn’t appear to be a real struggle until I started doing meth around age 18. It only took a few months before I had lost my car, my home and dropped out of college. After a short while of using meth, I started using a needle to get high. Throughout my journey I’ve lost many friends to death and prison. I’ve seen violence up close and lived in constant fear. Where will I shower today? Where is it safe to sleep tonight? All my feelings started to fade away and I could no longer sense happiness or love. All I knew was fear, loneliness and shame. I thought for me, death was going to be my only way out.

Fortunately, I was arrested in December of 2012 and was put into a drug court program. I got sober February 25, 2013. Today I work at a recovery center and am a strong member of the recovery community. I share my experience, strength and hope every day in hopes it’ll save a life. I’m not ashamed of what my life used to be. Being in recovery has offered me a life I never knew existed and has given me tools to be happy without drugs and alcohol. So if you’re struggling, let me just say: You can get sober. In addition to getting sober, you can have the picket fence life. It’s real and within your reach.