How I Celebrate My Recovery

Renee Barros
Challenge participants smiling while skydiving

What does it mean to be stronger than addiction?

For Barbara McFadden, whose life was changed forever after losing her husband, it means one simple word: forgiveness.

For the folks at Glorious Recovery, who hosted a group sky dive, being stronger than addiction means making life in recovery fun!

At Shatterproof, we are proud to support the thousands of Americans who show that they are stronger than addiction every day by talking about addiction, removing the shame and stigma, and bringing this disease out of the darkness.  And that’s what our annual Stronger Than Addiction Challenge is all about. All through the month of September, our community chooses different activities to show strength and shatter stigma. Walking, running, hiking, crafting, push-up contests, canoe races, and yes, even sky diving — every creative challenge helps raise awareness and inspire hope.

The Stronger Than Addiction Challenge accomplished its mission.  Through the help of our generous sponsors and more than 2,100 participants worldwide, we managed to raise just over $700,000 to create a world where those struggling can feel empowered to get the help they deserve, and where that help is based on proven science and held to the highest standards of care. On September 30, we gathered in Times Square to watch the Celebration Event broadcast from a billboard. 

Teams were full of excitement as they took selfies, hugged one another, and gathered in front of the billboard to celebrate recovery and erase stigma. Tears were shed, especially for those seeing the faces of missing loved ones on the big screen.

A collage of selfies from supporters

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event and showed the world that together, we are stronger than addiction.


Renee Barros is a Community Engagement Director at Shatterproof.

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