Four key policy moves that could make real, fast-paced progress.

Michael Newton-McLaughlin

"Hey buddy, it's dad. When you get a moment give your old knucklehead a call, okay? God bless you son."

surgeon general group shot

On April 13, United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy visited Shatterproof's New York City headquarters for an afternoon of learning and communicating about the disease of addiction.

Today Shatterproof released a comprehensive report calling on state legislatures to require doctors to use state-run databases that keep track of a patient's history of opioid and sedative prescriptions.

Jess Keefe

Saying grief taught me how to run is probably an overstatement.

How to stay healthy and balanced through nutrition and exercise in recovery.

Holly Jespersen

I would venture to guess that the holidays bring up a swell of emotions for most people if they are really honest.

An update on SBIRT progress.

Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy

More than fifty years ago, my uncle, John F. Kennedy, rallied the nation to dream big.

Innovation and research are essential paths to understanding addiction.

Why stigma needs to end.

Dave Humes

There's an empty chair at my Thanksgiving table today.

Lance M. Dodes, M.D.

Treatment for addictions has had a relatively poor success record in large part because the psychology of addiction has not been well understood. Here's a look into the psychology.

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How the show "Intervention" made this alcoholic think she was not so bad.

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Witnessing the effects of her mother's drinking problem couldn't stop journalist Ann Dowsett Johnston from sliding into alcoholism herself.


We lost too many people last year.

There were more than 93,000 fatal overdoses in 2020. We need your help to end the addiction crisis.

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