Andrew Smith

When people remember Andrew - 99% of the time, the first words that are spoken would be about Andrew's incredible intellect. He was extremely bright from the very beginning. He was accepted in to the Gifted Program in 1st Grade. He always excelled in school and graduated from college in 3 years. Many of his friends have said "He was the smartest guy I ever met". After his intellect, people always remember his razor-sharp, witty humor. He was extremely funny, sometimes self-effacing. He loved to laugh and share his laughter with others. Andrew was also a good listener and a loyal friend. He was an obedient child, rarely getting into any type of trouble. He loved music and played guitar. A friend told me on campus, you always saw Andrew barefoot carrying his guitar wherever he went. His incredible listening skills often resulted in deep, sometimes heated conversations. Andrew was very polite and likeable immediately. He was just a very sweet young man with the world at his fingertips, so it seemed. Andrew appeared confident about his opinions, views of the world and his goals in life. He inspired so many people during his short life. He was well loved by co-workers and was a role-model for new employees. His new position in Las Vegas held such promise. His employer said they had so many plans for Andrew's future. She also said he always volunteered for extra projects, never complained and would have given the shirt off his back to someone in need.