Andrew Gibson

Andrew was a friend to everyone..always helping others with their struggles at sobriety. He could light up a room..was a great listener and a quiet, gentle soul. Andrew helped countless people in his short time with us. Many people have commented to me that they would not be sober or even alive if they had not met Andrew. Andrew loved dirt bikes and actually did his senior project on the dynamics of dirt bike engines. He also loved cars and was proud of his Acura Integra that he would drive to school with the sound system that he installed blaring. Andrew loved the "Lord of the Rings" books and movies. He loved the saying from one of the books "It's a dangerous business stepping outside of your door because if you lose your feet there's no telling where you will be swept off to" Andrew was always put together...looking "fresh" and wearing a hat to match the color of his shirt and sneakers. He took pride in how he presented himself, cleaning the dirt off his spotless white sneakers, wiping smudges off his mirror sunglasses and sporting a crisp haircut. He was well-liked, charismatic, respectful, kind, a good friend and always willing to help a friend.