Breannan Pierce


Everything, His voice. His smile. His awesome cooking.

Tell us about your loved one.

Brennan was my nephew and godson. He was smart as a whip and had a huge heart. He made everyone feel special. He loved the outdoors and collected guns and knives. He was very proud of his Krav Maga self defense training, and wanted to be an instructor. He was an excellent cook and loved to put together great meals when people would visit. He was the oldest grandson in our family, and is survived by his parents, sister, brother and step-brother. His brother is getting married next year and is devastated that Brennan will not be his best man.

Tell us about Breannan's struggle with addiction

Brennan was an alcoholic . . . .once he started drinking, he could not figure out when it was time to stop. He would binge drink. He knew it was ruining his relationships, but he thought he could "control it" and drink in moderation. More recently, he became addicted to OxyContin. He mixed it with alcohol last week and was found unresponsive. The paramedics could not revive him.

What made Breannan smile?

A great joke...making others laugh. On his last night, at a bar, he asked his best friend's mother to dance to a hard rock song....she did. He didn't know it would be his last dance. She spoke of that at his funeral...she was sure he could have had something else in mind had he only known it would be his last.

What do you miss most about Breannan?

Everything, His voice. His smile. His awesome cooking.

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