Aaliyah Kenekham

Aaliyah Kenekham


I lost my daughter on 12-21-16 due to her disease of heroin addiction. She was so outgoing & loved by so many. Her obituary had over 7,000 shares. The local newspaper contacted me because people wanted to know her story. It made the front page of a Sunday newspaper. She would want me to be advocating for addiction & #OverdoseAwareness in her memory. I feel a strong need to do so.

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Tell us about your loved one.

When you ask people to describe her in one word most would say BEAUTIFUL. She was a very outgoing person who had touched so many people's lives. She had a heart of gold.

Tell us about Aaliyah's struggle with addiction

Aaliyah met a boy when she was 15 years old with whom she fell in love. He was a heroin addict. She tried it for the first time with him. I did not find out about this until way after the fact. Their relationship was cut short because I found out that he was a 20 year old heroin addict. She started to dabble with other drugs after this point. Her strong addiction to heroin started when she was almost 18 years old.

What made Aaliyah smile?

Aaliyah loved people. Her friends, brother, & Mother could always bring out that beautiful smile of hers.

What do you miss most about Aaliyah?

I just miss her hugs & her telling me every chance she got that she loved me so much.

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