Tynan Graham

Tynan Graham


Ty was a vibrant, high-energy soul.

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Kim Lacey
Tell us about your loved one.

He cared a lot about other people and loved animals. He was athletic and made it to regional finals as a freshman in college in pole-vaulting.

Tell us about Tynan's struggle with addiction

After struggling for a few years with addiction, he was doing well in a rehab program and had a good job. The week before his accidental overdose he had reached out and encouraged a friend to come to rehab. Rather than let a roommate take the blame, he came forward and admitted to vaping in their dorm room. He was given a 5-day discharge from his program. It seems that he thought he could handle getting high one more time. Sadly, the county sheriff said they see this a lot.

What made Tynan smile?

Everything from babies and puppies to fast cars and a wicked good joke.

What do you miss most about Tynan?

His sweet, loving nature.

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