Andrew Graziano

Andrew Graziano


My brother lost his battle with opioid addiction in May 2018. He was in and out of many rehabs but nothing ever seemed to work permanently and the state never provided in patient rehab even after multiple overdoses. There has to be a better solution for people addicted to opioids.

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My family had no idea my brother was addicted to heroin until a girlfriend of his at the time told my parents. Everyone was in complete shock and had no idea the extent of the addiction. Our family had never dealt with anything like this before so we were unaware of the signs. My brother was in and out of rehab for many years but nothing was permanent. Watching someone you love suffer with this kind of addiction is unbearable. New York state rehabs facilities were little to no help and in patient rehab was never offered even after multiple overdoses. The only rehabs available that have been proven to work are in the $20-$30 thousand dollar range. Not sure how many families can actually afford that kind of rehab but ours could not. My brother lost his battle with opioids in May of this year. If there is a way that sharing his story will help someone else I want to do that. I found Shatterproof through my company and was happy to see that there are people out there trying to improve these types of situations.

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