Anthony Ackley

Anthony Ackley

Gentle, funny, loving, son

My son and I met Anthony on the first day of school in first grade. They were both new to the school and each came home saying they have a new best friend.

The boys stayed close and though some interests and activities changed, our small community of Laguna Beach kept everyone in the loop. Anthony tragically lost his mom in 1999 and a little light diminished in him that could not be rekindled. 

Anthony's substance use history is not clear to any of us, but we all knew he wanted to turn that light back on and for but a moment he may have felt like it was. 

We saw and spent time with this amazing red haired angel boy prior to his passing...he seemed sad. While he only spent 21 years here on earth, his light is on in heaven with his mama! We all love you boy!