Blake Johnson

Blake Lee Johnson

Compassionate, Loving, Talented, Smart, Witty

Blake was born in New Haven, CT and grew up in Trumbull, CT. From an early age, he delighted his family and friends with his silly humor and beautiful, infectious smile. It was clear, early on, that Blake had incredible musical talent. He mastered the guitar and taught himself to play the piano and use the electrical equipment to mix his musical compositions. He hoped one day to write, record, and perform his songs. Blake loved to travel, visiting Africa, Thailand, and Germany. He had a love for all animals, and they, in turn, were drawn to his gentle demeanor. He also enjoyed swimming, ice hockey, snowboarding, and skateboarding but always returned to his first love — writing and performing music. More than anything, though, Blake will be remembered for his love and compassion for his family and friends.

Those who knew Blake, even just a little, lost a shining light in their lives. Blake had so much goodness and such a capacity to bring happiness and laughter to others. The earth is a dimmer place without him. We are heartbroken, but comforted that our memory of his larger than life personality, beautiful heart, and soulful songs will be treasured forever.