Bobby  Segda

Bobby Segda


Bobby was an old soul loved and lived life to the fullest. He loved his family and friends. He was an amazing son brother, uncle, nephew and grandson. Missed by all who knew and loved him. Our hearts are broken forever.

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Wendy Tine
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He was a hunter and liked fishing. Loved to be the life of the party. Would give you the shirt off his back. Loved music, karaoke, and a great dancer. I know he used some drugs growing up but nothing that he ever did for periods of time. He took a fentanyl patch one night I found him almost dead. It scared him, but I told him he should try and go live with his dad in NC where he worked for him as a carpenter doing trim work, making great money. He worked out a lot, very healthy. One night he was with a different group of friends, got something, went home and that was it. Took my handsome son's life. It was fentanyl! He would be so mad at himself. He didn't want to die, he loved life. It just takes one time or could take 100. Bobby would say don't touch drugs if he was alive. Thanks. Bobby's mom forever.

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