Brent Johnson

Brent William Johnson

Son, Brother, Uncle, Godfather, Amazing Heart

I miss my brother more than words can ever say. My family will forever have a missing link and will never be the same. I will never be the same. His smile, his laugh, our inside jokes, my wedding day, the birth of my children, our ups, our downs, a childhood of many many memories is all I have left. Thank God I have those, but life is still incomplete. My heart aches every day for him, my family, myself. Life as I knew it ended on that day. There will always be a void in my heart no one will be able to fill. I hang on to the hope that I will see my brother again and there will be no more pain for any of my family. I look forward to the day that my heart can be whole again and I can have a genuine smile on my face. Brent was smart, handsome, funny, and educated, (I still cannot believe I am referring to him in the past) and had a full life ahead of him. I love you Brent, so much! You will forever be 27 here on Earth. I hope you are happy and at peace now. I hope you are made whole again and with our family that is enjoying Heaven now. I will see you again, Brent, to pick up where we left off and have nothing but love and happiness to share with each other.