Chris Galvin

Chris Michael Galvin

Funny, Charismatic, Heart of Gold

Chris was a funny, hardworking, caring, and a very social person who would talk to anyone. As a kid, Chris loved playing with his toy swords, riding his bike, riding quads, and both playing and watching both baseball and football. I met Chris when I was 18. For the past eight years, I spent my life with him. I watched him play all his jokes on his family and friends like when he would put a bag over his sisters head when she came home from school to scare her, or when he would call family members leaving messages that are unforgettably funny. He loved joking around and could make anyone laugh. He knew how to make me feel better anytime I was going through a rough time. Chris loved music. He would make sample beats with his DJ equipment and download any mix tape out there. It came to the point where we had hundreds of CDs in the house. Chris loved to stay up to date with the fashion trends. Whether it was dying the tips of his hair blond with his close friends, popping his collar, making sure he had every new pair of Jordan’s or wearing anything polo Ralph Lauren. He would never leave the house unless he had the perfect outfit on and was always dressed up and finished his attire with his Ray Ban sunglasses. I think he spent more time getting ready to leave the house then I ever would. Chris was also an animal lover. He had three dogs that meant the world to him and loved being around them. He cared so much for animals that he would try to take in stray cats but he knew I was not a cat person so he did not get to far with that. Chris knew a lot about many history topics and many current events going on and loved watching documentaries and YouTube videos about them. I think I know more about the mafia and Koko the gorilla than I would ever need to know thanks to Chris. Chris loved to surround himself with his friends. Each one of his friends he admired and adored them all. He loved spending time with them whether it was at a party or a backyard bbq, he just loved surrounding himself around them. Chris also cared so deeply about his family. And all he ever wanted to do was make them proud. Chris taught me that a loyal friend is worth more than anything in the world, and Chris was that loyal friend to me. He was also a loving and kind boyfriend who would always put me first. He was always there for anyone who needed help no matter what. He taught us all to laugh a little even in the worst situations because life is too short to not see the bright side.

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Overdoses have increased 42% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help us save lives.

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