Cassandra Roberts

Cassandra Jo Roberts

ROMANS 8:28----

Cassie Jo was a mother of two boys, AYDEN AND AXTON, who she loved with all of her heart until the day she passed. She was an addict and suffered with the life rollercoaster of wanting to get better, getting clean, but not knowing how to live life clean and sober, relapsing many times back into the lifestyle that she had developed for herself around her addiction to heroin and Xanax. She struggled with the cycle of sex work to make money to survive and feed her habit, as well as hurting ppl around her because her demons drove her to maintain her fix any way she could. BUT THIS WAS not the real her. THE REAL HER HAD TAKEN A BACK SEAT TO the addiction and false version of herself that took over and lead her to eventually lose her life, because her life choices and consequences had finally come up and hit her head on. SOME ppl who lose a loved one in this way that happen to be a parent believe that the addict chose the drug and lifestyle over their kids. But I DONT BELIEVE THAT IS WHAT SHE WAS DOING AT ALL. We make sure her kids always know that she was sick and her disease was so bad that it took her away from them...made her too sick to be able to function as a "normal" mother would.
She and I were friends, sisters, and sometimes enemies ….I ended up becoming the step mom to her boys and now helping to raise them in her absence. I forgive her for all of the memories that are not pleasant… and I try to always focus on the ones that were!!!!
LOVE CONQUERS ALLL>…. her story is a testimony that will now help others to change their lives before it's too late. SHE LEAVES BEHIND A POSITIVE MESSAGE!!