Jay  Don

Jay Don

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Krista Don
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Jay was not only my husband (married July 27, 2018) but my soulmate, partner, teammate, and best friend.

My children and I finally had the final puzzle piece we had been missing and longed for...Jay.

Jay was an amazing husband and stepdad to my 2 children. He had a heart of gold, breathed and bled American pride, a contagious laugh, a handsome smile, was hard working, adventurous, a jokester, and the list could go on and on...he had everything and more that I (we) longed for.

Battling addiction for most of his life, a demon he fought so hard to overcome, took him from a family who loved him more than anything, took a son from a mother who would have died to save him, took him from friends that were there from the beginning of his struggles...robbed so many people of such a beautiful human- a man I was lucky to call my husband if only for a short time.

When Jay died, a huge part of me died too, as we were to grow old together. Having so many future plans and a bucket list that kept getting bigger will be no longer.

I will NOT allow addiction to defy my forever and will make sure Jay is never forgotten.

Jay, aka Baby, as our saying goes, “Always and Forever/Forever and Always,” I will always love you forever and always my sweetest angel.

Love and miss you to the moon and infinity and beyond.

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