Cheyenne  Simmons

Cheyenne Faith Simmons

Daughter, Sister, Mother of Luke

Our daughter was a beautiful person inside and out who was funny and had a great sense of humor. We have so many memories of things she did that still make us laugh to this day.

She was a fish out of water and loved to swim. She loved going on vacations with her family. She loved animals and loved dressing up our dogs in costumes at Halloween. She loved Justin Bieber and saw him 3 times in concert. She was excited that she had tickets to see him a 4th time. She passed 2 months before that concert was to take place.

She was a recent highschool graduate and a talented young lady who sang and performed solos in her church and school Varsity choir. She had the voice of an angel and was also a talented trumpet player.

Our daughter didn't suffer from a long term addiction but lost her life after mixing multiple drugs while out with her best friend one evening. The combination of cocaine, benzodiazepines and a strong prescription opioid painkiller ended her young life almost instantly. My last chat message with her was that she was to move back home with us the following weekend. She never made it back home.

We will never be the same again without her but know that we will all be reunited again with her soon someday. Like most of her family she became a bible believing Christian at a young age and her friends would say she was never afraid to voice her beliefs around them.