Cody Schott

Cody Tyler Schott

Charismatic, funny, and loved beyond measure

Cody was 27. He was handsome and charismatic. He had a huge presence and everyone loved him. Cody was a born leader and collected hundreds of friends in his short life all who miss him terribly.
He was in recovery from opiates for over 4 years when he was diagnosed with kidney stones and Percocet was prescribed. He was a union painter and was able to keep his addiction hidden for quite some time. Once the addiction began to spin out of control he lost his job and nearly lost his marriage. He tried for the last 10 months of his life to break free but because insurance covered treatment is insufficient, he would quickly relapse. Unfortunately, his last relapse resulted in his death at a sober living home. We miss him so much but we desire to see treatment improve and will continue to fight for others in Cody’s name.