David Everitt IV

David Arthur Everitt IV

Loving, funny, smart, adventuresome, kind

Our beloved son David loved nature and adventure. He was intelligent and things came very easily to him in both school and athletics. David and many of his friends found adventure experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Slowly the importance of school and athletics was replaced with the importance of getting drugs. Our beautiful son believed that this lifestyle was fun and that eventually he would "grow up." He became an associate scientist after obtaining his associates degree in engineering, and was heading back to school to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering. He traveled to Iceland and snorkeled in the glacial water just a week before his death. Addiction was a disease we didn't understand or respect. Our family was not connected to provide the kind of support David needed despite intervention from various sources and facilities. David was aware of what rehab was able to do to help him but he did not desire that path toward sobriety. David worked incredibly hard to live without the substances he grew to crave. He helped many friends to become sober but did not reach out when he needed the help most. He purchased what he believed to be heroin when in fact it was 100% fentanyl.
We love and miss you David more than words can ever say. It is unbearable at times for us without your presence and big hugs. You live on in our hearts and your spirit is with us.