Eugene Porterfield

Eugene Samuel Porterfield

Loyal, Forgiving, Funny, Kind, Authentic

37, originally of Flushing, New York, passed away on Thursday, February 13, 2020. Eugene was an Army veteran who served our country proudly during Operation Enduring Freedom and continued to serve in the National Guard.

Born to Nancy Mass and Dudley Porterfield, Eugene was loved by many. The only brother of Nadine Mass Rascher (Robert) of Maywood, NJ, Christina Porterfield of Astoria, NY and Larissa Bailey (Eric) of Wilsonville, OR. Eugene was a much loved uncle to six nephews and recently, a new niece.

Eugene's struggle with addiction grew from a troubled childhood. As is common, he didn't stop loving his parents, he turned all of the negative feelings inward. He was bright and had many hopes, dreams and aspirations. But addiction is a shape-shifting evil imposter that often changed him, changed his focus and changed his plans. No matter what, he always worked to forgive and while still struggling with sobriety while in recovery, focused much of his emotional energy on letting go of his anger.

Eugene was much-loved and we rooted for him. The loss of my brother, who had so much he could contribute to the world, is untenable.