Gregory  George

Gregory Price George

A beautiful person: Son, Grandson, Brother, and Uncle

Greg was the baby of the family but taller than everyone else. He was a gentle giant with a heart for nature. He was intelligent and kind, pursuing his passion to preserve nature by enrolling in law school. Zuri, his faithful dog was his companion throughout his addiction and his time at Back to Basics, where he dedicated himself to recovery and was an inspiration for others struggling with addiction. Zuri, a piece of Greg’s heart, remains at Back to Basics giving comfort and encouragement to others trying to heal from addiction. He was thoughtful about his impact and the imprint he left on this earth and traveled to work with animals and the less fortunate in other corners of the world. He loved his family and was a loyal friend. He was one of the most naturally funny people making everyone laugh until they cried without effort. I am proud of the person that he fought to be and his family will never stop missing or loving the person that he was. A beautiful person.