Isabella "Izzy" Germano

Isabella "Izzy" Joy Germano

Izzy was a beautiful, outgoing, engaging person; she played the banjo and wrote music. I have really nice videos of her playing and singing songs she wrote--her voice was beautiful. She made crafts, leather goods, jewelry. She traveled with her dog Leaf around the country, sometimes hopping freight trains. She would do anything to help another person in need. Izzy always struggled with anxiety and mood swings, but absolutely refused to take medication. She began to self medicate, misusing alcohol, smoking pot, and finally moving on to heroin, as I know now. I only saw her about once a year, but we kept in frequent contact via text and phone calls; she would send me photos and videos of the places she was or had been. I never knew that she was using heroin, no inkling at all. About 11 days before she died (Mother's Day weekend) I saw her for the first time in a year, and we had a really fabulous time; museums, eating out, staying in a hotel with Leaf, of course! I'm a health professional, and again, I saw no symptoms I know of that are associated with heroin use. The Friday before Memorial day weekend I got the call. No one in my life has ever made me laugh as hard as she did when we were together. I treasure those four days with her, and I hold those memories close to my heart.