J. Callan Stern

J. Callan Stern

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Steve Stern
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Callan was a wonderful son. His loving soul was high-jacked after knee surgeries nine years ago.  He knew he was loved, and we were worried about him.  After rehab he did pretty well, mostly, only compromised when visiting his "friends", who we warned him repeatedly to avoid.  These were not his friends, but profiteers from Callan's addiction and trust.  The drugs changed him and although we'd see glimpses of the the old Callan, he was suffering and conflicted with pain and guilt, and never the same.  He was 31 years old when he OD'd.

Despite this overwhelming struggle, Callan excelled at work and strove to keep in touch with us on a regular, if not daily, basis.  His concern for all of us, and for others, is well documented with stories that make us even more proud of him. 

Callan loved sports, especially Pittsburgh teams, with the Steelers being his #1 team.  He loved going to Nashville Predator games and traveling with the love of his life, Kacy.  Being married to Kacy, we feel, was a great blessing for our family and gave us 2 or 3 years with Callan we may not have had.  He enjoyed regular workouts with his younger brother Ethan, and was an exceptionally strong weight lifter.  His concern for his younger sister Rachel, still in high school, was a topic of almost every conversation.

It will be hard to watch Steeler games, or do other normal things we did together.  Our hearts are broken and we all have a huge hole in our lives that cannot be filled.

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