James Locascio

James Locascio


James was a licensed electrician who loved his family, God, his friends, coaching little league, fishing, music, and me!

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Aileen Morales
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James loved his family and friends. A licensed electrician who was so excited about starting his life over again. We met at a rehab and this was not your usual rehab hook-up. We fell in love immediately and had plans for the future. He used to call me the “One!” I would say, “How do you know?” He would reply, “You know when you know!” We knew! He was so handsome and fun to be with. James was sober for two years when two days after his birthday he overdoses. I miss him so much! We were going to go out and celebrate his birthday. He was so happy. I miss his smile, his kisses, his music, his embrace, and the laughter we shared.

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