James Ropp

James Dean Ropp

Energetic, intuitive, personable, creative, smart

I struggled with addiction in my family most of my life. This was no different for my son. I have been in recovery for 20 years and built a solid foundation for myself and my two kids. My drive was to get ahead of this disease and give my kids a life I didn't have. I knew early on that James was struggling with something more serious. We were in and out of counseling, support groups, rehabs, IOP's, APG' s, recovery for teens and families, recovery groups but nobody won. We all lost because there is no such thing as getting ahead of this disease. We miss him terribly. He had an infectious smile with an individual and unique personality. He loved to dress nicely and was so personable. He was a creative person with an intuitive nature about him. He enjoyed people and interacting with them. We miss everything about him. He left far too soon...but then again any child passing is too soon.