James Wharton

James Joseph Wharton

Husband, father, son, hard worker!

James, or Jay (as I called him) or J.J. (As a lot of people knew him) was an amazing man! We fell in love when I was 14. Although I tried to fight it I gave in 10 years later and married him. He loved our children and really he loved all children! He was a hard worker but he loved to play around just as much! He was a jokester, always pulling pranks at work. We struggled with our addiction together in our 30's. I couldn't believe we became addicts at that age. He was and will always be my first love and my hero! I will never forget him and I will make sure no one else will either! I will make sure his life did not end in vain. His story is so complicated yet really so simple. Drugs prescribed by doctors started it all. A dirt bike accident started it all, and Heroin ended it all. Sometimes people can't make the connection between the two but a lot of people who have struggled with this understand. It happens a lot. More than it ever should!