Jamie Reynolds

Jamie Reynolds


Jamie upon arrival in Paris, May 2011. This photo, taken by yours truly, would have made a suitable book jacket one. Of his myriad talents, Jamie wrote beautifully. He was a purely kind and generous soul who had most recently found his calling as an EMT.

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He had so many plans with the ultimate goal of continuing to help save lives as a doctor. I am amazed by how meticulously he had arranged his various med school application files as I sift through his belongings in my attempt to make sense of his death.

A “New Yorker”-caliber editor when we met in February 2002, Jamie was hyper-intellectual with a crackling wit. Often bedecked in a bow tie and always bespectacled, he was a debonairly charming man.

Jamie was my most precious friend and a big brother among little ones. I am absolutely broken without him.

I am wistful that all of the love for Jamie, which so many have exhibited and for which I am ever-grateful, might have saved him had he known, but I don’t fool myself.

I will continue to honor Jamie for the rest of my life by advocating for the destigmatization of addiction and raising money to fund research for its treatment. 


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