Jared Wagster

Jared Wagster


Jared Karl Wagster loved life to the fullest, he had a great sense of humor and was the life of the party.
He had so many gifts and talents to offer, but his life was cut short by the epidemic that is sweeping our nation and killing an entire generation of wonderful young men and women.

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Tell us about your loved one.

Jared was brought up in a stable household with a mother and father that loved and cherished him dearly. At a young age he was very outgoing self confident with the gift of athleticism, he was able to excel at any sport of his choosing. He began swimming at the age of four and was a natural fish in the water. Swimming took him all the way through high school and into college with a swimming scholarship.

Tell us about Jared's struggle with addiction

At the age of 15, Jared's father passed away from cancer. This was a devastating time for Jared and I. I believe his addiction began with him not being able to cope with this massive loss in his life, so he began self-medicating. Fast forward, first three months away at college, I then became aware of his drug problem. I must say I was in denial, not really seeing the extent and seriousness of his problem. Through many rehabs he was unable to escape the hold that heroin had on him until it finally took his life.

What made Jared smile?

Jared always seemed happy and made friends like a magnet. Behind that smile was a dark place he was hiding from, and his escape was using.

What do you miss most about Jared?

Jareds contagious smile, laughter, wittiest sense of humor. I miss everything about him! I miss that I will never have a grandchild. I miss I will never see him married. My life has forever changed, I have changed and will never be the same.
I search every day for a purpose, most of all, I wanted to see him happy and enjoy life as it was before this monster entered our lives. I will never get the chance, he is gone! The worst word in the whole world GONE!

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