Jeannie Gallegos

Jeannie Sophia Gallegos

Daughter, big sister, wore her heart on her sleeve, so full of life and love!

🌻 Our beautiful little girl, our baby, our angel, our hero... You have made the most amazing memories for your family to cherish. You have touched every single soul you’ve ever crossed paths with, your energy, your love for life and everything in it shined through your smile and your heart every single day. This is not goodbye. It’s another part of your journey, and you have decided to continue your journey the only way you know how and what you’ve always done giving to others. We listened to the surgery teams land above us by helicopter... we wept... we prayed... we kissed you and watched you enter the operating room to give your huge beautiful heart, your liver, your kidneys, your pancreas, and your big beautiful green eyes! Your little sisters will forever cherish the love and memories with you. We love you princess. You will be with us everywhere we go and with everything that we do. 🌻 We make a wish every single day at 11:11 as you did! 💫💚