Jeremy Raymond Hull

Son father brother

Jeremy was always smiling. He was a strong man with strong views. He loved history, hiking, and old cars. He loved his family and especially his daughter. He struggled with his inner demons and addiction for many years. We had a long period of sobriety after his second stint in rehab. He was sober for 4 years on a methadone program. Unfortunately, when he fell victim again it was several in and out stays in rehab and mental hospitals. The last 15 months of his life were the worst. He was in recovery when he overdosed. He had just turned 34. On his 34th birthday, he had told his sister this was his year, he could feel it. Sadly, we lost him 11 days later. I will never understand and many questions will always remain unanswered. The one thing I do know is he didn't want to be an addict. Nobody chooses to live that way. He hated disappointing his family. He wanted sobriety. How his father handled his addiction was totally different than I did. His father is grieving differently. When my son died, he knew I loved him.