Joseph  Redden

Joseph Redden

Fiancé, son, brother, father, nephew, friend

He loved with his entire heart and he believed in everyone. He never judged and always made friends no matter where he went. He never cared what others thought and always stuck up for the underdog. He was so talented in anything he did... anything he touched turned to gold! He impressed people wherever he went. Inside of him was gentleness, kindness, and goodness that lit up his bright blue eyes even in his darkest moments. He loved his family more than life itself! He fought his demons for 10 years. God saw his constant struggle and finally gave him peace. He overdosed on a fentanyl laced bag of heroin one month shy of his 40th birthday. I will never be the same, a piece of me was gone forever the day I lost my brother!!! We love miss u more then u will know Joey!!!