Joshua Gauthier

Joshua Joseph Gauthier

Beloved, family man, caring, father

Growing up he loved to go to construction sites with his dad. Before the age of 10, he could easily operate bobcats and other machinery. He loved dirt bikes and riding them on trails. When it came to building things, Joshua had a real talent and loved following in his father and grandfathers footsteps, starting his own career in construction after high school.
Shortly after Joshua and his girlfriend found out they were expecting, Joshua was beyond excited to become a dad. When his son was born, he found purpose in his life and loved working and coming home to his family. Sadly 6.5 weeks after their son was born, he passed away from SIDS. Joshua found his son one morning before work when he went to kiss him goodbye. His sons death left him broken and he was never the same.
After his sons death, Joshua had a daughter and another son. He tried to be the best dad he could to them and would often work long days, sometimes multiple jobs, to do this. While he loved his children immensely, he still always felt a void in himself from the death of his son years prior.
Joshua will always be remembered by all for his willingness to help everyone, even if he didn't know them. His compassion towards others was unlike anyone else. He especially enjoyed spending the 4th of July holiday going to parades with his children and family and having cookouts. His death has left a void in all of our lives and we all miss him every single day.