Melanie Majewski

Melanie Majewski


Melanie was a beautiful, intelligent, loving young woman who struggled with mental health issues & addiction for over 16 years. She lost her battle at the age of 33. She will live in the hearts of all who loved her forever.

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Joan Paquette
Tell us about your loved one.

Melanie had a smile that could light up any room. She had a heart of gold and loved her family. She enjoyed singing and had a beautiful voice. She was so smart, all through school she got A's & B's without even trying. She was my heart & soul.

Tell us about Melanie's struggle with addiction

Melanie began drinking & smoking pot in her junior year of high school. For some it is just a phase, but for Melanie & many like her, it becomes a deadly disease. She quickly moved on to other drugs. At the age of 22, she began smoking crack & lost everything. She worked very hard to get sober, regain custody of her son, & get a job. She did well for awhile but soon fell back into the old habits of going out, drinking, & smoking weed. At some point she tried Oxycontin & was in love which led to heroine. She went to rehab many times but her love of heroine & her need to be high was too strong, nothing seemed to work for any length of time. She could never get ahead of it. She hated the the life she was living, there were overdoses & suicide attempts. She tried Methadone & Suboxone. She was also on many prescription drugs. There was no long term treatment to deal with her addiction & mental health issues. On April 15, 2015 her life ended in a hotel room alone.

What made Melanie smile?

Her son, Cameron. The love of her life, Jack, who chose to be with her the day before her funeral. Food made her smile, she loved to eat. Her cat, Sam. Laughing & joking with her family & friend. Being sober. All these things made Melanie smile.

What do you miss most about Melanie?

I miss everything about Melanie, her hugs, her laughter, & her smile. I miss her crazy stories & her jokes. I miss her smell. I miss her love even though I still feel her with me all the time.

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