Joy Hunley

Joy Hunley


My Firstborn , my only daughter Joy came effortlessly and without drugs, on Good Friday at sunrise, 1974. For 32 years things seemed close to perfect. Then things turned really bad and the last decade of her life (and mine) we lived in a non-stop nightmare.

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Joy and I sort of grew up together. I was a very immature 21 yr old new Mama..but I LOVED THAT BABY and loved taking care of her-never a burden.
Wonderful little girl...super great big sis to her little brother. As she sailed into and through her high school years there was very little trouble, nothing worth mentioning. Married young, 23. Beautiful day.

The next eight years or so passed mostly uneventfully as Joy and her husband settled in, worked hard, saved money, and bought their first house. At 30, she still had not conceived the old fashioned way. So the next year they tried a course of IVF--it did not work. It was around this time that the fertility doctors sat them down and told my daughter.

"They Waited Too Long". That Joy's eggs were now too old and therefore no longer 'viable'.

At 32. This is not any excuse for the next 10 years of various states of addiction and suffering but more of an explanation. It is here with the knowledge that Joy could never have a baby.


At 42 (12/2016), Joy overdosed from a combination of Heroin, laced with Elephant Tranquilizer, Oxycodone, Motphine, and alcohol and DIED.

She was all alone.

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