Maeve Cullen

Maeve Mary Cullen

Daughter, Sister, Best Friend, Proud Cat Owner & Ray of Sunshine
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Maeve was born in Westerville, Ohio. She is survived by her parents Norma and Michael Cullen; her two brothers, Matt and Kieron; her grandmother, Noreen Brady; eleven aunts and uncles, and 20 cousins. Maeve graduated from Brookwood High School in 2012. She then went on to attend Georgia State University. At the time, she wanted to become a nurse.

Maeve was the type of person who would make sure she put a smile on your face, even if she felt down. She had many, many friends and she loved them all so deeply. That's the thing about her...Maeve was such a trustworthy, loyal best friend. You could trust her with your deepest flaws and secrets. Something I heard people say numerous times at her service was how contagious her smile and laughter was. That couldn’t be more true. You can’t forget that laugh of hers. She could literally make you die laughing over the smallest, random things. She was very sarcastic and had such an easygoing, humorous personality. She was extremely caring and giving. In fact, after she passed away Maeve donated her organs, tissue, and even her eyes, which helped 22 people.
One of the many things Maeve was passionate about was her kitty, Ziggy. She loved all animals, but cats are her absolute favorite. She owned about 20 pairs of cat ears. :) She also had a dog named Mickey who she often picked up from her parents house to have sleepovers. Maeve always was full of joy and happiness. She will forever be our sunshine and angel above <3 In memory of Maeve's life, her mother made the most spectacular garden to celebrate the life of her beautiful daughter.

Things that made Maeve smile:
Good food, her kitty, family & friends, sunflowers, the color purple, tattoos, laughing, watching movies, music, Mexican food, sarcasm, driving, artwork, her Irish background.

Our lives will never be the same without our Maeve here on Earth, but she's the type to want her life celebrated and cherished! That's exactly what I hope to do - keep her beautiful spirit alive and remembered, forever.

“Let the memory of Maeve be with us forever”