Justice Croutch

Justice Croutch


My beautiful amazing daughter Justice lost her battle with addiction on August 23rd 2015. She went into sudden cardiac arrest after a heroin overdose. She survived, but her life has been altered in the most devastating way. The SCA caused an anoxic brain injury and she now remains in a persistent vegetative state with very little chance of recovery. More than likely, I will have to bring my daughter home with hospice care.

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Jennifer Kelly
Tell us about your loved one.

She was a beautiful girl with a kind spirit who loved to love. There wasn’t a person or animal she wouldn’t help, in fact we often joked that one day she’d end up being the “crazy old cat lady”. She was smart, witty, and funny. She loved to dance, watch movies, and shop. She LOVED to shop. She loved to write poetry and dreamed of one day having a family of her own. There are no words that can adequately describe how much she is missed.

Tell us about Justice's struggle with addiction

Despite all that Justice had and all the love that surrounded her, inside she was battling demons. You see, Justice suffered from depression. She was struggling with feelings of sadness and hopelessness. And that depression and sadness led to misuse of prescription opioid medication and eventually heroin. She tried numerous times to turn this around, but unfortunately we lacked the programs and services that were essential to her recovery. In the end heroin won, and stole my baby from me.

What made Justice smile?

Justice loved animals. She loved her cats. She would carry them around like babies. She told me once that they brought her so much joy because they loved her unconditionally. I am raising two of Justice's cats today. I love those cats...

What do you miss most about Justice?

I miss everything about my daughter. Her beautiful smile, and amazing wit. Her little voice, and her contagious laugh. I miss hearing her pick on her little brother, and I miss her telling me how much she loved me. I miss the energy she brought to a room. The way she would just start dancing in the middle of the living room, or her crazy schemes. I miss our talks, I really miss our talks.

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