Michael Konsevitch

Michael Konsevitch


Mike (Big Kons) had a big heart and kind soul. As quiet as he was at times he still was able to impact so many people's lives.

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Kirsten Konsevitch
Tell us about your loved one.

Mike, also known as, Big Kons was a big guy with a big caring heart that he tried to hide. Mike was definitely not a talker and tended to hold things in. At times one had to suffice to getting the head nod as a "hi/hello". Even though he did not have much to say at times, he encompassed and impacted many people. Mike would do anything for anyone. He was always the tallest boy growing up & loved sports. It made my heart smile & I was proud watching him play sports. I was his biggest fan & hardly ever missed a basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, or football game. Mike loved football, specifically the Giants. His life was football and his dream was to play in the NFL. He was so loved by many & we miss him so much.

Tell us about Michael's struggle with addiction

Mike started to experience I think in HS. By his senior year, his life started to spiral out of control & he had his first overdose. In May of his senior year he had another overdose and we sent him to Florida for treatment. He spent 2 years & 2 months in Florida, in & out of treatments. He was in jail twice as well. This disease was just too strong for him to fight. As strong as our love was for him and as strong as he thought he was, it was stronger & took our boy at the young age of 20. ~Forever 20~ Fly high baby boy

What made Michael smile?

Family, friends, dog Lexi & football

What do you miss most about Michael?

Everything!! I even miss when he would yell "ma" when I got him pissed off, which was often. I miss hearing him come through the door. Miss his voice & handsome face.

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