Kassaundra Kovac marze

Kassaundra Kovac marze


Determined proud mother of one, who despite knowing the dangers of active addiction, fatality relapsed, leaving many loved ones in disbelief that a life could end so suddenly and senselessly.

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Fran Brashier
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Bright independent go getter that put her heart and soul into learning new things. Was loved by anyone that met her, loved her family and cherished her son.

Tell us about Kassaundra's struggle with addiction

Initially developed an addiction to pain killers for a genetic spinal condition, and after her divorce in 2010, met others who used street drugs and began a spiral into full blown addiction. She received inpatient treatment in 2013 as a result of court involvement, finished treatment but did not change her lifestyle of people, places, and things, and repeatedly relapsed as a result. Finally in January 2016, she needed to truly change as she moved her teenage son back into family home but again kept in contact with her old friends and made a fatal mistake of relapsing on pure fentanyl the morning of July 13 2016. Before 2010 she was the least likely person to have used any type of drugs having witnessed the carnage of active addiction in her family. Even knowing this and having friends, cousins, uncles, and stepparents die from the effects of addiction she still fell prey to its lure and was not able to overcome it's hold. A momentarily lapse of judgement and reason took her away from the son who loved and adored her and the many friends and family that held hope that she would be able to overcome her addiction. She is missed by those who knew and loved her and believed in her potential to overcome the addiction and battle the mental illness of depression and chronic pain that led her down the path to her senseless death.

What made Kassaundra smile?

Watching her son grow into a proud, compassionate young man. Sharing memories of her family and being a practical joker.

What do you miss most about Kassaundra?

Every single thing; the promise of another day. But most of all looking into her precious blue eyes when she wasn't squinting to see.

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