Truly McKirgan

Truly McKirgan


Truly McKirgan
July 9, 1990 - September 29, 2016

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Lori Hennesy
Tell us about your loved one.

Truly was a kind spirit. She was a fun loving daughter & sister. She loved to play softball, read, dance, and sing.

Tell us about Truly's struggle with addiction

Truly's struggles started 8 years ago. She did have 2 years sober in those 8 years but after her relapse she just couldn't seem to beat the disease. She put up a fierce fight all the way to the end. Unfortunately, the substance abuse won :(

What made Truly smile?

Truly loved her family and family gatherings.

What do you miss most about Truly?

We miss everything about Truly!! I would take the CRAZY back anytime over this pain. I miss her big beautiful blue eyes and beautiful smile. I would love to hear her call me mommy just one more time. Snuggling, watching a movie, any movie.

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