Kaylin Cariens



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Tell us about your loved one.

Kaylin was an only child and very shy. She loved reading both fiction and non fiction. It was not unusual to find her reading my thick nursing books when she was a young girl. In fact I smile remembering the day our local librarian called to tell me Kaylin had asked her if she had anything more challenging for her to read.

Tell us about Kaylin's struggle with addiction

I never did find out when her addiction to meth and heroin began. I became aware the last 18 months of her life. During that period Kaylin went through two rehab programs, two overdoses,one that led to being in two different ICU wards of two hospitals. She was discharged home with 4 pulmonary embolism and on 5L of oxygen. The last overdose proved fatal. I found her 24 years old and dead in our home.

What made Kaylin smile?

Kaylin thought little pigs and other baby animal pics were adorable. She had several saved on her phone.

What do you miss most about Kaylin?


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