Kristy Grogan

Kristy Grogan

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Bobbi McHugh
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Kristy was an amazing mother, daughter, and friend. She always put her kids first and showed them nothing less than unconditional love. She loved baking, dancing, goofing around, and enjoying life. Kristy was my mom and I miss her every day. I miss her dancing to Jessie's Girl obnoxiously. I miss cuddling with her and her rubbing my head for hours on end (I will never understand how she was able to do it). I miss baking cookie burgers and other weird desserts with her. I miss arguing with her about stupid things because at least she was around to argue with. I miss her pure acceptance and understanding of everything against the "norm". She always loved my bright hair colors, all the piercings I would get, and all of my tattoos. She accepted me for who I am, my sexual orientation, all of my quirks, and never judged me for all of my mistakes. My moms life was nowhere near easy. She struggled with multiple issues throughout her whole life regarding her mental health and physical pain. My mom is not her addiction and she struggled every day trying to get healthy. She tried so hard to get better, she apologized, cried, got on track, relapsed, overdosed, and the cycle continued. My mom tried her hardest and her effort went unnoticed, mostly by me and I'll never forgive myself. She was the light of every room she walked into. Her laugh and smile was contagious. She always knew how to brighten up the mood. My mom lost her fight with addiction to heroin on October 18, 2017. There will forever be a hole in every heart that encountered her, especially mine. Love you forever mom. I will forever miss the comfort of being in your presence and your unconditional love.

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