Terry Quigley

Terry B Quigley

Loving caring Nurse & Sister

Since the end of 2015 through December 2016, my sister Teresa (Terry) Quigley had exhibited hallucinations and dangerous delusions, which escalated and become more dangerous to her and others.
As best as we, my brother Paul and I, can put together – at the end of 2015 – Terry began seeing someone for pain management. From her visits, she was prescribed the following drugs to assist with managing her pain
12/18/15 120 TABS 02/17/16 120 TABS 03/18/16 120 TABS
04/15/16 120 TABS *05/12/16 120 TABS *05/19/16 120 TABS
06/16/16 135 TABS 07/15/16 135 TABS 08/15/16 135 TABS
09/08/16 15 TABS 09/12/16 150 TABS

She passed away 12/28/16.


HOW THIS IS MANAGING HER PAIN, when monthly she’s taking them and every couple of months the quantity is increased – VS – decreased, which would be the way to manage.
At this point, unfortunately, Terry was ‘addicted’ to the Oxy and is deceased.
Terry exhibited several episodes of hallucinations, which also resulted in extreme paranoia and anger to the point of me fearing for my safety.
Feb 16 – Terry and I went to Cabo, Mexico – an annual trip. During this trip, I witnessed the following –
Sluggish and sleepy all the time to the point Terry couldn’t even watch TV or read a book, both things she loves to do.
Terry yelled loudly there was someone in her bedroom – measuring the sliding glass door curtains and keeping her awake – it was about 3:00am when this began and it took me a couple of hours to talk her down – she wanted me to call security to get them out.
Terry was with me at the pool – after much discussion to get out of the room, I finally got her to go. We got to the lounge chairs and she couldn’t stay awake – was mumbling and slurring her words and displayed agitation. After a few hours, she stood up and said I was a B***H that I didn’t wake her to go to the buffet and became abusive to the extent that other vacationers at the pool were concerned. When asked where did she see a buffet – it was a brick wall surrounding the pool area … the security guards were concerned and I did get her calmed down telling her that we would need to leave if she didn’t quiet down. Note – the next day – she was a little better – but when approached by some of the guests as to how she was doing – she became embarrassed as they told her how violent and scary she was yesterday. She asked me – did I do that and when I said yes, she was extremely embarrassed – but had no memory.
Throughout the two week stay – there were several similar incidents and I did tell her I recommended she consider checking herself into a long-term care facility, and if in fact the pain was that bad maybe assisted living would be best.
I got her home, which was difficult as not sure if she would become combative on the plane. I got her a window seat and kept fingers crossed she would sleep all the way, and I guess she took sufficient OXY to assist with that.
Now home – she didn’t remember anything about what occurred – and now a new hallucination. Mid-March, I called and she again got abusive on the phone saying I was trying to steal her home and I had arranged to sell her house and realtors were there showing her house. She had called her lawyer and they were there filing an injunction against me and that she didn’t want to speak with me further. I asked who was there – she said none of my business – I further pursued it and she said my other sister Lorrie was there helping her keep the realtor out. I asked to speak with her and she let me – and Lorrie stated – NO, THERE WAS NO ONE THERE just her and Terry.
In April, Terry fell, hit her head and needed staples to close the wound. She was treated in a hospital. No one knows what or how it happened and she’s not saying.
In May, my brother Paul was visiting. During the visit, Terry fell again, hit her head and was delusional for over a day.
Terry then woke up Paul at 3:00am screaming for him to come downstairs immediately as there was a lady in her living room giving birth. When Paul went downstairs, the front door was wide open, the kitchen table was set with recently made sandwiches that Terry made for “them”. There was NO ONE there and it took Paul several conversations to convince Terry of that.
In June and July there were several phone calls between Terry and myself where she was saying ‘weird things’ like where was I? Her neighbor saw me at the supermarket and I was spying on her? I was living in Spain at the time and nowhere near Long Island.
At the end of June there was a car accident, we don’t know what happened as she wouldn’t discuss and there was paperwork stating if she wants a copy of the report where to send for it. NOTE – the cars front end is damaged to the point you cannot easily open the driver’s seat door and the passenger side mirror hanging on by a cord.
In August, I went to visit Terry for about five days with the stipulation she would sleep in the evenings and we would get out and about during the daytime or I would leave. She did much better – ate well and was sleeping and up and about. Though she did complain about being in pain so I wonder if she cut back on the OXY.
During September, again very odd phone calls and disappeared – not answering calls for many days at a time.
During October, I called and spoke with Terry due to text messages – saying for me to call the police, someone is breaking in, HELP.
Mind you, I was in Spain and she knew that and with the time difference it was sent during a time my phone would be turned off. When I tried to call her, she said all was OK and what was I talking about??
She had several, at least three, alarms where police came out, found nobody breaking in and no threat. Terry was fined $100 for the third time. There have been several times the Suffolk County Police have been dispatched due to her hallucinations about someone breaking in and nothing was found.
The next time we spoke, she said I was to leave her alone as she was working for the military. When I asked what she was doing, she said you’ll find out when the military and FBI come to my house to arrest me for building bombs.
Oct 21 (?) – another car accident – appears she hit the garage door, but not sure – there was a police paper on what to do.
A day or so later, I was on my way flying home and in Madrid airport when I received a text to call her, which I did – no response. Upon landing in DFW airport, my phone rang and it was her – where was I? As she saw me in the parking lot of Target and she needed my help – as she had fallen. She wasn’t on her phone, so I asked her – where was she – and - she yelled – hey where am I?? The person who owned the phone said you’re at -- Target in Montauk – when I asked her to speak to them, she started yelling and told me I was a B***H and she was hanging up and would call me later that night.
That was my last call before her admittance into the hospital, which happened a couple of days later – DUE TO HALLUCINATIONS! Once admitted they found an issue with her heart and opted to treat that vs the real problem of addiction.
My brother and I flew up to see what was going on. While visiting her, we discover that she had broken two ribs and she doesn’t remember when or how. She kept saying nothing was wrong with her and she wants to go home – is belligerent – refuses to wear the heart monitor and arguing with the nurses about taking Lasix and wants her pain meds – as on a scale of 1-10 – she’s a 20!!
Later, Paul, in a conversation, mentioned that she changed to Dish TV – to which she went crazy saying she wasn’t there and someone must have broken in to let them do the installation …. REALLLLY??? A break in to install Dish TV? We found the invoice – it was installed on Oct 17 – and she didn’t remember that she had Dish TV installed (whole house - 3 rooms). Insisted she wasn't home for it. They had to break in and install it without her approval.
Unfortunately, throughout her stay in the hospital, hallucinating continued and she continued to refuse to wear the heart monitor, even though the nurse was very patient and explained that she needed it for them to know what to do for her. She insisted there is nothing wrong with her.

Once again, the system let her down as instead of moving her to a facility to assist her with the problem at hand – the Head of the Psych department spoke with her for about five minutes and deemed her capable of taking care of herself and released her. My brother Paul and I picked her up approximately 7PM and when I went to get the nurse and wheelchair my sister accused me of trying to commit her and that they don’t do wheelchairs anymore. When we got home the first thing she did was search the house to find her pills and got more and more agitated when she couldn’t remember where she put them and accused ME of hiding or worse throwing them away. Paul had to step in to calm her down and get her to tell him what she was looking for as she was tearing the house apart – going through drawers – saying someone has been in her house and put things into the drawer. She crawled upstairs and spent about 30 minutes looking and when she came back downstairs was calmer – she found the Oxy!

HMMMM is this the behavior of a normal person – or a legalized ADDICT?

Terry didn’t complain about pain constantly ... not enough to justify the dosage of oxy that she was on.

I was truly/deeply concerned that my sister, Terry, did not receive the proper medical care.
Finally – if in fact Terry was in sufficient pain to warrant using 5+ Oxy pills per day, then maybe she should be in a safer place to determine what’s causing this pain and what are the alternatives to treat versus this.
All we wanted was to OFFER Terry a better quality of life!!
Terry was a nurse for over 30 years – and spent her career helping people who couldn’t help themselves or who needed her help … She did it willingly and with love and care!! THIS IS WHAT SHE NEEDED someone who would do the same for her – vs – just medicating her …
I am very saddened that my next call was my sister’s Dead!

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Overdoses have increased 42% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help us save lives.

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