Landon Berneir

Landon Edward Berneir

Handsome, loving & my GRANDSON

First born child of my oldest daughter.
Grew up into a world of drugs that controlled him & his mind. An intelligent & interesting young man. Just got in with the wrong friends & thought it was the easy way. Drugs, jail & prison were his life for years. The demons haunted him.
He had made a choice to go straight & had so many plans. Had moved in with his Mom. Spent time with all of us. It was so great.
His fatal mistake was spending his time with old friends over the weekend.
As he planned his new life he took ONE LAST FIX OF HEROIN. For him life was over.
Our lives have changed forever. We were left with nothing but that empty question - WHY?? He was & will always be loved.
You never know when you will lose that special person, so love love & more love to those who mean the world to you. They are your world.
Gone but never to be forgotten.