Larry "Anthony" Chavarria

Larry "Anthony" Anthony Chavarria

Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend, Shining Star

My brother Anthony was truly what you would call "one of a kind". He had a personality that was larger than life. He was kind, charismatic, charming, loving, caring, selfless, and so many more wonderful things. My brother also struggled with addiction for 15 years. In those 15 years, I saw him go from a person with unlimited potential and drive to someone unrecognizable. As strong, willful, and intelligent as my brother was, addiction was that much stronger and smarter. I couldn't believe how much it changed my brother. Anthony ALWAYS took pride in his looks. Before his addiction he was always well dressed (designer clothes only), had impeccable hygiene, was employed, and self sufficient. By the time he passed away, he was none of those things. They were all stripped from him. I will never forget how much it hurt me when I was looking for clothes for his viewing and he had none. All of his belongings fit into two garbage bags. That was NOT my brother, that was the addiction. I cannot even begin to express the hurt, disappointment, anger, rage, and every other crazy emotion I feel. I HATE that addiction won this battle. I HATE that my brother is gone and I will never hear his voice or listen to him go on one of his many political rants. Addiction ripped our family apart. We will NEVER be the same. We love you brother and will miss you every single day. Until we meet again....