Larry Williamson

Larry Williamson


Larry was a gentle giant of a man. He reached out to all people, showing love, kindness, abundant generosity, and an innate ability to laugh and tease. He accepted all views on life and was a person of many talents and interests. Larry played football, cherished music, loved the wonders of nature, and enjoyed a bad horror movie. Having received a degree in Business Administration, he ran the family sign business before taking his skills to nonprofits, where he served people behind the scenes. Whether in an elementary charter school, adult reading center, or rehab center, all occupations fit within the realm of helping others to become better people. His compassion was seemingly boundless, once driving a stranger to the vet even though he had to book a hotel and wake up before 6 am to get there. He spent much of his time canoeing and walking in nature with his daughters in Harper's Ferry and Sugarloaf Mountain. He supported them in every way he could. Despite all of his strengths, Larry battled a progressive disease with alcohol, which overcame him.

One of the best ways to remember Larry is through his inscription on the inside cover of a book to his grandson Lochlan, before he was born.

I don’t know your name yet, but I do know that I love you.
This book is one of our favorites.
I read it to your Mom and Sammy many times and eventually they read it to me.
I hope this will bring you as much joy as it has brought to us.
With all my love,

Larry’s laughter, kindness, and gentle heart brought joy to many people over the course of his life. We are grateful every day that we can carry him in our hearts.