Lisa Ward

Lisa Alexandra Ward

Loving sister, daughter & friend to all!

My dear sister was really one of a kind. Her beauty was so much more than meets the eye. From her tangy voice to contagious laugh, all the way to her spunky personality and loving heart. Seeing her you would never think she was fighting a battle because she continued to smile and share her laughter with others. I miss her in every way. Her ability to understand others and never pass judgment is something this world is missing after her passing. My sister, Lisa, fell into addiction around the age of 18/19. it really spiraled fast. It was a hard journey for our whole family. Some days we had our sweet sister back and others she was lost in the dark side of addiction. She was small but had a big fight in her! She wanted nothing but a sober life, working her dream job as a nurse and to be a mother (that was her ultimate dream). She would be sober and than relapse. Her relapses hurt her as much as they did us. Lisa had a lot of light and faith in life. It was such a sudden death. She was sober for a few months and her little body wasn’t use to that lifestyle anymore, and her body couldn’t take it. Her death story is a frightening one, and still makes my eyes fill with tears. When I close my eyes at night I still see the ambulance and nurses. I hear the doctor pronounce my sister dead to me and I get shivers and feel my stomach turn. It hurt then, it hurts now and it will forever. Addiction is a family pain that hurts everyone. She struggled with an addiction and lost that battle, but forever is a winner in all other aspects of her life. She made a change in her shirt 22 years and will never be forgotten. We love you Lisa Alex.