Lisa Young

Lisa Jane Young

Mother, Gam, Fighter, Survivor

Lisa Jane Young was a very strong, independent, gorgeous, family oriented woman. All of these characteristics made her so unique. Lisa has 4 daughters and 11 grandkids. Before she passed it was always evident that family meant everything to her.

Lisa struggled with addiction to crack cocaine and opioids and although her addiction took over her life, she never failed at saying how much she loved Jesus Christ first, her family and most importantly, her “grand babies”. Although addiction took over most of her life, she never stopped trying to educate others on how to kick this disease.

Lisa has written many books that we hope one day will get published as it will help so many others before it is too late.

We’d like to honor Lisa for her fight, for her wisdom during her fight, and we wanted to say “WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MOMMY” ! We know she is safe, drug-free, happy, and now living her best life in heaven!