Logan Walls

Logan Thomas Walls

My son gave the best hugs and had the biggest smile!

Logan Thomas Walls was always a child with a big smile! He was delightful, fearless, and curious. He was also an introvert, a follower, and a people pleaser - he wanted to bring happiness to others. As he grew older, he felt different, and he had pain that he covered up. Logan suffered with depression and low self esteem. But, as a contrast, he was gifted in music and taught himself to play the bass, guitar, and keyboard! He was beginning to develop his talents in acting, voice-over acting, and audio recording. He was always so humble and self-deprecating but his talents were exceptional! One night, he wanted to celebrate. He found an acquaintance and now Logan is gone from this earth. I didn't get to see him for five days. It was agonizing to not see my son, hold him, hug him, touch his forehead, kiss his cheek. There are many: "I wish's"; "why didn't I"; "why him Lord"; "if only I could have"; and many other questions. Something good has to come from the loss of my son!