Makenna  Browne

Makenna Browne

Beautiful spirit, beautiful soul - you are free now.

As a child she was such a happy kid, always laughing and smiling. At 14 she started experimenting with drugs. She had ADD and school was a challenge for her. I feel that somehow her brain was just "wired" differently and that drugs were a way to make her pain go away. We used every resource that was available to help her with her addiction. 6-7 rehabs, IOP's, doctors that specialize in addiction, EMDR -all the different kinds of therapies used in rehabs. The psychiatrists would prescribe drugs-sometimes 6-7 at one time. Just more pills to make her feel better about herself. Addiction is a disease. Some addicts will survive and some will choose to move on.

Makenna was an animal lover and an accomplished equestrian jumper. She loved her dogs, her horse Shasta and riding. She adored her bird Augie, but drugs won her over to the dark side. She is now free of her addiction and pain, at peace flying with the angels.