Mandy Saunders

Mandy Marie Saunders

Smart, quick witted, beautiful angel

Mandy was a beautiful person, she was always ready to help anyone and would have given you the shirt off of her back. She was a huge part of my family for years, a daughter, sister, and mother to my children. Things came at her too fast, the life she had envisioned for herself disappeared and I think she was unable to cope. Mandy's story happened fast, the slide down that slope happened in a blink of an eye. The addiction took hold fast and never let go. My heart cries out at the loneliness she must have felt. And my mind places blame squarely on my own shoulders. See, I think the hard core approach that we are told to take left her alone and without reasons to live. She always had a smile even when she was dying inside, unable to cope. She'd make you laugh and be the first one to make sure you were okay and take care of everyone. She was a wonderful, good heart and beautiful soul, long before the drugs took over her life. My memories are many and wonderful. She walked away and never came back. I have to believe that she knew our door was always open and that our love was always there. Mandy's life has to be celebrated--she lived and was loved. Addiction didn't always define her. I missed her before, now I miss her even more knowing that she will never walk through the door. The hope is gone....